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    BioLips collagen cleanse is a lip treatment that replenishes your lips with collagen leaving them soft and plump, increasing the effect time you have with our lip plumper, BioLips. The package contains 3 lip masks for 3 days of treatment, made with collagen and 24k gold. It is a great treatment for chapped and dry lips.

    BioLips collagen cleanse is based on the rejuvenation properties of Gold, infused with organic nutrients and antioxidants, It’s collagen based, all natural, stimulating the production of natural collagen, restoring the lips’structure, making them more plumped and elastic

    BioLips has the best and longest effect when used on hydrated lips so our BioLips Collagen Cleanse is great for use before the lip plumper

    Use one mask each day for all three days. and leave them on for about 20 minutes


    1. Cleanse and dry your lips

    2. Place the mask on your lips as seen in our videos. Gently press the mask onto your lips to create a tight fit.

    3. Apply the collagen composition remaining in the package on your lips

    4. Hold the mask on your lips for 20-30 minutes

    5. Remove the mask gently and throw it away

    6.Use BioLips lip plumper for plumper lips

    7.Use BioLips Natural Serum for a longer lasting result

    We ship WORLDWIDE. We ship in 1-2 business days

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