LIP DETOX – all 3 sizes

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    BioLips LIP DETOX is a treatment that completely detoxifies and nourishes your lips. This cleanse contains 6 steps, all of which have their own unique properties and beauty health benefits.

    Use BioLips Beautitox Water for cleansing your lips
    Use BioLips Fondant Lip Scrub or one of our other lip scrub
    to gently exfoliate and naturally remove dead skin,
    providing a fresh canvas. Use your loofah pad for a more
    thorough exfoliation
    Use BioLips Collagen Cleanse 3 day treatment with 24k gold
    to detox and replenish your lips with collagen
    Use Lip Mousse for a daily plumping effect, feeding your lips
    with nutrients that will treat the fine lines and wrinkles
    around the mouth and your chapped lips
    Using your BioLips Lip plumper instantly increase your lip
    size by stimulating the blood flow
    Use BioLips Natural Serum to increase the action time of the
    lip plumper and stimulate the blood flow during the day


    Who can use it

    If your lips tend to peel off and they are dried and chapped, and your beauty-care arsenal is rapidly expanding without resulting in anything but a breakout or irritation, your lips are in need of a detox


    What does the package contain:

    1 Beautitox water

    1 Fondant Lip Scrub + Loofah pad

    1 Collagen Cleanse

    1 Lip Mousse

    3 BioLips lip plumper (all sizes)

    1 Natural Serum


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