Facial massage

Facial massage

Facial massage is a cosmetic procedure practiced preventive and curative, in order to maintain skin’s vitality and muscles’s elasticity.
Massage maneuvers practiced correctly, provide irrefutable results for skin health, being also perfect for skin that has some imperfections: wrinkles, seborrhea, etc.

Benefits of massage:

-Massage promotes the elimination sweat glands’s mucus

-increases the muscle’s tonicity

-intensifies the exchanges of nutrients

-increases the amount of blood from the skin

-helps maintaining the skin’s elasticity

-helps the regeneration of cells

-removes excess of dead cells from the skin and excess of sebum from the sebaceous glands

-influence the thermoregulatory function, making local temperature increase

-favorably influences the muscles’ local metabolism, increases perspiration


A proper facial massage can also be obtained with SKIN ARCHITECT as it has thousands of microvibrations that deeply penetrates the skin cells, making it perfect for massage or applying creams

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